[poppler] Patch for regtest utility

Thomas Freitag Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de
Tue Dec 20 06:14:18 PST 2011


Thanks for the regtest utility. It will help for saver uploading patches 
and produce patches less buggy, at least for me.
But running it against my PDF files, I encountered a small problem. In 
the way the scripts starts it subprocesses, stderr becomes buffered for 
the subprocesses. And unforunately, when the buffer limit is reached, 
the subprocess suspends it work until it can print again on stderr. 
That's why the python script runs into a deadlock when the subprocess 
produces a lot of error messages. A small rearrange of the commands, 
first read the stderr output and then wait that the subprocess ends, 
will remove this deadlock.

Best regards,
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