[poppler] Creating PDF with poppler ?

Thomas Freitag Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de
Thu Jan 27 02:07:54 PST 2011

Am 23.12.2010 18:28, schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> Will have a look at it after we release 0.16.0
When I just created the patch for radial shading, I had to remove this 
code changes once again from the diff. And it seems, that nobody really 
need this changes. So I would like to remove them from my git copy again 
if nobody complains.

> Albert
> A Dilluns, 20 de desembre de 2010, Thomas Freitag va escriure:
>> Hi all!
>> How I promised long time ago, here now a patch for the poppler writing
>> routines and some new helper function, together with two small sample
>> programs using them.
>> In merging the writer routines I encountered, that some of the problems
>> I found are solved in the meantime. So, where they are solved, I left
>> the code as it is, but manually merging could always cause new problems.
>> The main changes beside solving some smaller problems are that I make
>> the most writer routines static, and that I add a new parameter
>> numoffset. The reason for this is the small sample program pdfmerge,
>> which merges several PDF to one bigger PDF, so there I have no PDFDoc
>> object for the resulting PDF, and I have to change the num values of
>> each single PDF.
>> The other small sample program I add is to do the other way round:
>> Extract one or more pages from a multi page PDF to several one page PDFs.
>> I'm not an expert in configure, so I just attach the single main cc's.
>> Building the programs is simular topdftotext, they need parseargs and
>> the poppler library. So I would appreciate any help on this.
>> I think the patch together with the samples could make it easier to file
>> samples for bugs, i.e. extracting only the page or pages which causes a
>> regression, or merge several sample PDFs which causing regressions.
>> What are You thinking about it? Helpful or not?
>> Best regards,
>> Thomas
>> Am 28.10.2010 15:49, schrieb Jennings Jay:
>>> Hi poppler folks,
>>> I am looking for a C++ example that creates PDF files using the
>>> poppler library.  I have poppler compiled (Windows XP / Visual Studio
>>> 2008) and I have working examples that **read** a PDF, but I don't see
>>> anything in the poppler codebase, documentation, or mailing-list
>>> archives to show how to **create** a PDF.  My real goal is to create a
>>> Geospatial PDF, but any kind of simple PDF creation example would
>>> probably help a lot.   Thanks for the pointer.
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