[poppler] Getting Links (PopplerAction Uri)

craigbakalian craigbakalian at verizon.net
Thu Jan 27 03:33:26 PST 2011


I am writing an application that builds a lilypond file.  A lilypond
file is a markup language that can be "built" into a pdf of music
notation.  You can set the notation to have links to the lilypond file's
line number.  This is useful for music notation mistakes.

I have a poppler and gtk application which is successfully flipping
through the pages of piece of music.  However, I cannot figure out how
to design or implement a way for my->


which is dropped into a scrolledwindow to display the (uri)s or further
make the objects in the viewport clickable.

Does this have something to do with PopplerActionUri?  How do I use
PopplerActionUri?  I know evince displays the link, but you cannot click
through them.

Craig Bakalian

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