[poppler] text extraction does not work

Axel Strübing axel.struebing at freenet.de
Thu Jan 27 00:13:47 PST 2011

Dear popplers

I have a file, where pdftotext is unable to extract meaningful text from. As 
far as I can see the reason is as follows:

The used fonts are CIDType0 fonts with nonstandard CMaps and an explicit 
ToUnicode entries.

In GfxCIDFont::getNextChar bytes from the content stream are converted to a 
CID by means of 
*code = (CharCode)(cid = cMap->getCID(s, len, &n));
and afterwards unconditionally used for unicode mapping in
*uLen = ctu->mapToUnicode(cid, u);

The adobe specs suggests a ToUnicode entry should be used with highest 
priority for text extraction. Therefore I tentatively concluded that the 
charcodes from the page content stream should be used here and wrote a little 

The mapping table (ctu )can originate from:
- readToUnicodeCMap -> use CharCode from content stream
- could be generated from getCIDToUnicode -> map from cid to unicode
- could be generated from getUnicodeToUnicode -> I am not sure about and found 
no example

So I introduced a flag in GfxFont.(h,cc) and use it in 

The patched poppler extracts the problematic pdf fine. Testing text extraction 
with on a  small collection of files yields identical results except in my 
problematic case.

I attached the pdf and the patch and ask if someone more knowledgeable than me 
could check for possible implications.

Feel free to change anything. Any thoughts are welcome.

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