[poppler] pdftohtml : enhancing it to use embedded fonts

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jun 5 16:17:56 PDT 2011

A Sunday, June 05, 2011, Josh Richardson va escriure:
> The current systems appears to try and use system-available fonts as
> approximations for whatever font is in the PDF.  For pdftohtml, I am
> considering adding in a preferred behavior:
> 1.  Extract the original font from the PDF
> 2.  Create a font file for that font
> 3.  Reference the font file, using "@font-face" in the generated HTML.
> This should give us an exact representation of the original font in the
> PDF, though it will only work with modern browsers, since earlier browsers
> don't support "@font-face".  For IE, I'll have to convert the font to EOT,
> and for the others I'll probably use regular OpenType (not TrueType)
> format.
> If I only use the extracted font to display the original document in it's
> original form, and not to draw additional glyphs in any document, I
> believe I'll be in compliance with "fair use" and digital copyright rules
> for the font.

Copyright law can be funny, but given we are not doing anything, it is the 
user that does it, i don't think we should be worried at all.


> Does anyone see an issue with the approach, or have any advice?  For
> instance, I'm not sure how much luck I'll have with converting especially
> Type 3 fonts to OpenType/EOT.
> Thanks, --josh

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