[poppler] Problem with using Win32 poppler-qt4

cobra.yu cobra.yu at hyweb.com.tw
Tue Jun 28 03:40:23 PDT 2011

Dear Crazy Sage,

     I didn't try the Win32 version of poppler and poppler-qt4 from
windows.kde.org. Instead, I tried to build the poppler package under Win32.

My environment for both building & execution:
OS: MS Windows 7
(msys) MinGW/TDM GCC & MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional
Qt 4.6.x

     The different building combinations both produced workable poppler & poppler-qt4 libraries. I didn't meet your first problem in either case. 
     Yes, "delete document or delete pdfPage" would make an exception on HEAP. I commented "delete pdfPage" but reserved "delete document". It seems fine for me.


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Date:Tue, 28 Jun 2011 00:02:48 +0600
Subject:[poppler] Problem with using Win32 poppler-qt4

Hi all.
I have downloaded Win32 version of poppler and poppler-qt4 from
windows.kde.org and I have got two major problems when I've tried to
compile and run example from http://people.freedesktop.org/~aacid/docs/qt4/
1. Program silently crashes on pdfPage->renderToImage(),
pdfPage->renderThumbnail() and pdfPage->text() works well.
2. Program silently crashes on either delete document or delete
pdfPage. I've tried to comment either one of lines, so I can tell,
that it doesn't matter.
Did anyone come across with such problems and knew ways to solve them?

OS: MS Windows 7
MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional
Qt 4.7

Best regards,
 Gleb "Crazy Sage" Igumnov                          mailto:crazy_sage at cannonfodder.su

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