[poppler] Compiling under Windows 7

Stefano Emilio Campanini stefano.campanini at tinvention.net
Mon Mar 14 07:04:13 PDT 2011

Hi guys,

I'm trying to compile poppler-0.16.3 under windows 7 using ming32.
After configure and make with defaults options I see these summary

Building poppler with support for:
  font configuration: win32
  splash output:      yes
  cairo output:       no
  abiword output:     no
  qt wrapper:         no
  qt4 wrapper:        no
  glib wrapper:       no
    use GDK:          no
    introspection:    no
  cpp wrapper:        yes
  use gtk-doc:        no
  use libjpeg:        no
  use libpng:         no
  use zlib:           no
  use libcurl:        no
  use libopenjpeg:    no
  use cms:            no
  command line utils: yes

  Warning: Using libjpeg is recommended
  Warning: Using libopenjpeg is recommended

Using the "poppler-render.exe" generated I get errors about fonts like
this: "poppler/error: Couldn't create a font for
'Helvetica'poppler/error: Couldn't create a font for... " an so on.

Can anyone give me some helps ?

I found an old README.windows under the project, there i found these

"Poppler depends on 3 libraries that are not easily available on Windows:
* freetype
* libjpeg
* zlib

To make it easy, I've made those dependencies available as pre-compiled
files. You need to download http://windevlibs.googlecode.com/files/ext.zip
and unzip under 'ext' directory. Those are header files and static libraries
for freetype, libjpeg and zlib. "

I cannot understand where to put the ext.zip contents ? Where I put
these contents ando/or how can I tell the compiler to use these
contents ?

Thanks in advance

Tinvention - Ingegneria Informatica -
ing. Stefano E. Campanini

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