[poppler] [PATCH] Fixup LaTeX composed characters

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Mar 25 12:02:46 PDT 2011

A Divendres, 25 de març de 2011, Tim Brody va escriure:
> Hi All,
> Attached is a patch to address the previous problem I wrote about with
> pdflatex-produced PDFs that contain overlapping-diacritics/accents.
> This patch contains:
>  - a table of diacritic to Unicode combining character code-points
>  - if an overlapping character is detected checks whether the first (in
> stream-sequence) character is in the table
>   - pops the diacritic off the word
>   - appends the diacritic to the character as a Unicode combining character
> This does not fix \b{o} or \d{o} because TeX places them on the next line
> (so aren't detected as overlapping).
> Yes, this is an issue with pdflatex but there are 100,000s of TeX-produced
> PDFs for which we don't have source for ...

Hmmm, is it supposed to just kill the diacritic mark?

R. L¨wen and B. Polster
gets converted to
R. Lowen and B. Polster
shouldn't it be 
R. Löwen and B. Polster


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