[poppler] [PATCH] Fixup LaTeX composed characters

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue May 10 11:15:51 PDT 2011

A Tuesday, May 10, 2011, Tim Brody va escriure:
> > Sincerely i am quite hesitant to apply your patch since it "breaks"
> > pdftotext
> > usage in the console (since it seems most of the apps in the console are
> > not
> > able to understand the non-composed form)
> Your initial response to fixing-up LaTeX generated PDFs was "fix LaTeX" but
> now you're saying we should make poppler work around broken shell tools?

I can still drop the patch if you prefer ;-)

> Anyway, my patch is only a fix-up of overprinting characters that would
> otherwise get mangled by pfdtotext. It just makes it more apparent that
> your tool-chain is broken because it's producing more non-ASCII7
> code-points.

By tool-chain you mean pdftotext?

> I agree that pdftotext should by default output NFC but you need to decide
> whether to implement an NFC against the out of date poppler tables or link
> to icu.

I don't think linking to icu (which last i checked is a huuuuuuuuuge monster 
way bigger than poppler itself in size), otoh why you say poppler tables are 
out of date? Nobody has complained about something not working :D


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