[poppler] Direct Poppler access without frontend allowed?

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Thu May 12 12:11:27 PDT 2011


the following is non-authoritative (I am not a poppler-maintainer), so
some things may be wrong;

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Andreas Butti <andreasbutti at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, I read both mails.
>> There is a patch to poppler-glib bindings to add write/edit  metadata
>> in bugzilla. The patch is not ready yet, but help with that would be
>> appreciated I think.
> I don't now what "not ready" means, but so I can use this patch an may
> get it complete working if it's not already complete working.
not ready means that it was reviewed by Carlos (who is the
poppler-glib maintainer) but the author has not found the time yet to
address the comments. AFAIK, the patch works. Here is the
link [1]
> I'll write now the additional defintions which I would create for the
> GLib API. (I know, the implementation is in background)
> // creates a new empty poppler document
> PopplerDocument * poppler_document_new_empty();
> // append a page to the poppler document (The page will be copied),
> return the new created page
> PopplerPage * poppler_document_add_page(PopplerDocument * doc,
> PopplerPage * page);
> // append the page <src> on top of <page>, src will be copied, return
> the new created page
> PopplerPage * poppler_document_add_page_on_top(PopplerDocument * doc,
> PopplerPage * src, PopplerPage * page);
> and methods to add bookmarks, something like
> ... poppler_document_add_outline(PopplerDocument * doc, const char *
> name, int level, ... action ...);
> would this be OK for you?
> How does it work with the maintenance of the code, I have to create a
> bugreport (featurerequest) and attach a patch, and then? Does somebody
> testing it?
You can either (but NOT both) attach your patches in bugzilla or send
them to the list. From what I have seen, in general patches get well
tested by Albert, who runs a regression test for each patch. Of
course, the kind of changes you are proposing won't have any
regressions as it will be code only used by you at the first time.
> Do I have to write unittest or something like this? (are there reviews,
> or what's the criteria for the path to get into the poppler library?)
I believe the core part gets reviewed by any of the poppler
maintainers, the glib parts gets reviewed by Carlos. I don't know
about the unittests, but usually if you add API to the poppler glib,
then you also need to add a demo of the use of the api in the
poppler-glib-demo program.

> If there are bugs (within the implementation) does the poppler team
> matain the code or is this in my responsibility because I may currently
> the only one who is using this API?
I don't know.
> Andreas

Hope this helps, and it's not so wrong ;)

[1] https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36653

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