[poppler] Poppler - SVG Device

Todd Hubers todd.hubers at alivate.com.au
Thu Nov 3 18:13:52 PDT 2011

I'm currently using Poppler for Text extraction and using GhostScript for
PDF to Image functionality, all for viewing PDFs online without requiring a
PDF plugin in the browser.

I noticed Mozilla was working on an interesting project, PDF.js [
https://wiki.mozilla.org/PDF.js]. It loads PDF files with pure Javascript
(on a HTML5 compatible browser - probably needs canvas).

This is an opportunity for poppler to steam ahead and get some headline
grabbing exposure. The SVG format is well supported by browsers. PDFs are
portable across systems, however SVGs are very portable (and fast) across
the web.

I propose the building of an SVG Device - PDF to SVG. I am currently
considering using PDF to XML, to then perform XML to SVG. Given the status
quo, I believe it's time for PDF to SVG.

I see SVG as a very efficient and therefore powerful web format, I hope
others in the poppler community will see the potential as I do.


Todd Hubers (BBIT Hons)

PS. Perhaps we could then have PDF>Cairo, PDF>SVG, and then tools for
SVG>XML, SVG>HTML, SVG>Text. In any case it would be good to have simply
one direct rendering device and one "data" device.
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