[poppler] qt3 frontend

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Sat Sep 17 09:26:24 PDT 2011

Here is a sample in pre-alpha quality.


Because it requires the header file to use the APIs of libpoppler,
poppler package is expected to be built with --enable-xpdf-headers
option (to install libpoppler API header files). If your libpoppler
is not configured so and lack xpdf header files, referring poppler
source by "--with-poppler-src=xxx" option will work.


Ilya Chernykh wrote:
> On Saturday 17 September 2011 12:30:46 you wrote:
>> If old Qt3 wrapper of poppler is separated as an individual source package
>> and self-standing autoconf is included, it will serve for the people sticking
>> to KDE3? I will be able to do such. I'm afraid KDE people prefers cmake, but
>> I have no skill for it.
> Thank you very much!
>> I have to note that Qt3 wrapper is dropped during 0.16.x API, so its
>> original source does not match with the latest poppler 0.17.x (Link and
>> AnnotLink are merged on 2011-Mar-01). The current mismatch is so small and
>> easy to fix (I could do it), but nobody can guarantee that next mismatch
>> would be small again (if big, I won't do, because I'm not KDE user so I
>> cannot test at all).
>> I'm questionable whether KDE3 community have sufficient human resource to
>> investigate the mismatch and fix them continuously.
> Actually I think it would be possible to port patches from the Trinity project
> as they forked poppler-qt3. The reason why we cannot use this fork directly
> now is that they included it inside kdegraphics3 and there in no automake/cmake
> to build poppler-qt3 separately. Also they renamed sertain methods to call their
> tqtinterface instead of Qt3 directly (but this is mostly mechanical change). 
> So once we can build poppler-qt3 separately, we I think will be able to port any API-change
> related patched from Trinity.
>> As Albert already pointed out, 
>> using older/unmaintained source would be stable solution, if no human resource
>> for such work is unavailable in KDE3 community.

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