[poppler] [off-topic] windows QPixmap issues with qt 4.5 Static

Lauro Cesar de Oliveira olarva at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 13:26:25 PDT 2011

Hi fellows.

Someone here can help-me to debug this behavior:

the code below works fine on Linux, but,  on windows machine ( with qt
4.5 static ), Pixmap is null...

Poppler::Page* pdfPage = this->document->page(page);
QImage image = pdfPage->renderToImage(this->zoom * physicalDpiX(),
this->zoom * physicalDpiY());
//loading an pixmap from file to test...
QPixmap pix("page.png")
qDebug() << image.isNull() << QPixmap::fromImage(image).isNull() <<
pix.isNull() << QImageReader::supportedImageFormats();
//false true false ("bmp", "gif", "ico", "jpeg", "jpg", "pbm", "pgm",
"png", "ppm", "svg", "xbm", "xpm")

pdf load properly, and can read all pages, but, can't assign this
QImage to a QLabel->setPixmap, cause:
QPixmap::fromImage(image).isNull() is True...

Any clue to what this happen?

If image is not null, why QPixmap going to null?

maybe plugins?


Lauro Cesar de Oliveira
Hack to learn not learn to hack.

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