[poppler] Poppler 0.18.0 released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Sep 26 16:05:06 PDT 2011

Available from

Changes against the 0.17.4 release:
 * Fix small memory leak when dealing with marked content
 * Remove DCTStream::getRawStream since Stream::getNextStream does the same
 * Rename pdfmerge to pdfunite
 * Rename pdfextract to pdfseparate
 * pdfseparate: Complain if %d is not present and it should
 * Add pdfseparate and pdfunite man pages
build system:
 * Minor cleanup in regarding removed qt code

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.

I've also created the poppler-0.18 branch for fixes for the upcoming 0.18.x 


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