[poppler] DeviceN support in splash

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Sun Apr 1 13:09:40 PDT 2012

On 4/1/12 1:32 AM, "Thomas Freitag" <Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de> wrote:

>Am 01.04.2012 06:18, schrieb Leonard Rosenthol:
>> Are you doing Nchannel as well, or just simple DeviceN?
>Hmmh, more or less NChannel only: If I have no Colorants entry for a
>spot color (no separation color space), a DeviceN colorspace is still
>immediately converted to its alternate colorspace.

If you are using the DeviceN's primary alternate, then you are DeviceN and
NOT Nchannel.  Nchannel alternate handling is much more complex, since you
have to evaluate on a colorant by colorant basis.

> I need the separation
>colorspaces to produce the CMYK or RGB bitmap after rendering from the
>DeviceN bitmap. But in the first implementation I ignore the
>MixingHints, especially because I have no samples for it.

You also need to consider the ink order stuff as well, especially for


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