[poppler] Building for Qt QNX

Jon jheron at snappyappz.com
Fri Apr 6 20:18:22 PDT 2012

Hello all,
I am trying to build the poppler libs for use in a Qt app for the
Blackberry Playbook (QNX armv7le).
I am running fedora16 64bit on my dev machine.
I configured poppler against the Qt4.8.1 libs built for the playbook
(qnx) with this:
./configure --with-x --enable-poppler-qt4
Here is what I get when configure completes:
Building poppler with support for:
  font configuration: fontconfig
  splash output:      yes
  cairo output:       yes
  qt4 wrapper:        yes
  glib wrapper:       yes
    introspection:    no
  cpp wrapper:        yes
  use gtk-doc:        no
  use libjpeg:        yes
  use libpng:         yes
  use libtiff:        yes
  use zlib:           no
  use libcurl:        no
  use libopenjpeg:    yes
  use cms:            no
  command line utils: yes

Is this the correct approach?
When I run make I get this error several times until make fails:
/home/jon/QtQNX/ARM/include/QtCore/qatomic_armv5.h: Assembler messages:
/home/jon/QtQNX/ARM/include/QtCore/qatomic_armv5.h:131: Error: no such
instruction: `swpb %al,%r14b,[%rbx]'

I am not sure what to do at this point, I am a rookie with this
Any guidance or insight to get these to build would be greatly
Best regards,
Jon Heron

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