[poppler] z-order of annotation objects in PDF document

Tobias Koenig tobias.koenig at kdab.com
Thu Apr 12 00:31:46 PDT 2012


I have a PDF document here that has been created with pdflatex and the
movie15 LaTeX package. The following code snippet:


generates two annotations inside the PDF, a MediaRendition annotation and a
FileAttachment annotation. Unfortunately both have the very same coordinates
which means that they are placed on top of each other.
  /Annots [ 15 0 R 16 0 R ]
  15 0 obj <<
  /Type /Annot
  /Subtype /FileAttachment/F 0/T (LMF_test.avi)/Contents (Media File(video/avi))/AP <</N<<>>/R<<>>/D<<>>>>/FS 14 0 R
  /Rect [124.724 74.448 238.11 187.833]
  >> endobj

  16 0 obj <<
  /Type /Annot
  /Subtype /Screen/Border [0 0 0]/BS <</S/S/W 0>>/F 5/T
 (LMF_test.avi)/Contents (Media File (video/avi))/P 9 0 R/A 11 0 R/AA 12 0 R/AP <</N<<>>/R<<>>/D<<>>>>
  /Rect [124.724 74.448 238.11 187.833]
   >> endobj

I searched through the PDF spec already but couldn't find any hint how such
a case should be handled.
Does the PDF spec and/or poppler define a z-order for annotations, so that viewer applications
can decide which annotation should be shown on top of another annotation?

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