[poppler] qt4 Annotation creation, modification and removal

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Apr 12 11:46:01 PDT 2012

El Divendres, 6 d'abril de 2012, a les 15:12:19, Fabio D'Urso va escriure:
> This is the qt4 part of my annotation work.
> Heavy changes are in 0001 and 0002, which are documented in the commit
> messages.
> Currently Annotation objects that created by Page::annotations() are filled
> once and returned. Changes to the Annotation object (eg setContents) are not
> reflected to the core Annot object.
> The most important change is probably in patch 0002, which creates a link
> between qt4 Annotation and the corresponding core Annot, so that the qt4
> behaves more like a wrapper rather than a container class.
> Other notable changes are that window and style properties are not stored in
> the public class any more* (patch 0001) and that ctors for some types are
> made private. In particualr, patch 0001 hides all constructors, and
> subsequent patches re-expose them in the same patch that adds creation
> support for that annotation type.
> Since I didn't implement creation support for some types (LinkAnnotation,
> FileAttachmentAnnotation, SoundAnnotation, MovieAnnotation and
> ScreenAnnotation), their ctors are left private.
> Patches 0003 to 0009 are basically glue code to connect qt4 functions to the
> core counterparts.
> 0010 is a minor bugfix (note: the bug can't reproduced in unpatched okular,
> because info fields in the properties window are disabled for external
> annotations)
> 0011 adds a flag to hide annotations when printing
> *=0001 is the one that used to break okular compilation (we discussed it in
> IRC). I added a dummy window field to make it happy.



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