[poppler] alternatives to pdftohtml to extract text with formatting

Ihar `Philips` Filipau thephilips at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 17:32:17 PDT 2012

On 4/20/12, Ihar `Philips` Filipau <thephilips at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/20/12, Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> wrote:
>> 2012/4/20 Ihar `Philips` Filipau <thephilips at gmail.com>:
>>> N.B. That's by the way the reasons for the question earlier: can I get
>>> somehow formatted text from Okular via Copy/Paste or not? I'd love to
>>> be able to open Okular/etc, press "Select All", "Copy", switch to OO
>>> Writer and press "Paste". But that simply doesn't work.
>> It would work if the PDF would be properly tagged and Okular would
>> handle tagged content. Everything else is just some kind of OCR. :-)
> What that means - "properly tagged"?
> Or probably other away around: which producers create "properly tagged"
> PDFs?
> I have tried a number of PDFs, produced mainly by Adobe tools
> (Distiller, PDF Writer, PScriptNN.dll, ADOBEPSn.DRV) but also with
> something called "FineReader" and "5D PDF Creator" - and text of
> neither of them is copied into clipboard with formatting by Okular (on
> Linux or FoxItReader on Windows). LibreOffice's "Paste Special"
> (regardless of OS) indicates availability in clipboard only of plain
> text. I have tested mainly on italic text, but also stumbled upon few
> words with bold: all were copied as plain text.
> What I'm doing wrong?

I have installed the Adobe Reader X on one of my Windows VMs - this
one does extract formatting. In LO "Paste Special" the "Formatted Text
(RTF)" appears as an option.

But nothing like that with Okular (version 0.13.3, KDE 4.7.4) on Linux.

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