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Thomas Freitag Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de
Sun Apr 22 06:56:51 PDT 2012

Am 11.04.2012 15:49, schrieb Thomas Freitag:
> Am 11.04.2012 15:35, schrieb Ralph:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I have a PDF file that's causing pdftoppm to hang.  Looking at an 
>> strace shows that it's doing *something* but it's taking much longer 
>> than expected (at least over a few minutes).  This is present on 
>> 0.18.3 and 0.19.2.
>> I would attach the file to a bug post, but I'd rather email it out 
>> directly as it's a customers PDF and not mine.  Who should I send 
>> this bugger to?
In the meantime I was able to solve it or at least make it better. 
Because my code base is completely different in the meantime, I attach 
here an inofficial complete patch for all my code changes. I regtested 
it, and there is one (only!) last unacceptable change in it 
(bug-poppler24733.pdf on page 3). I also made several valgrind checks on 
it, so there are probably no memory leaks in it.
Because I've to solve this last regression first, and because Albert's 
vacation in May, we'll probably could not commit any of the five changes 
before 0.20.0, but perhaps someone wants use the attached patch to see 
the enhancements.

What does it contains?
1. The DeviceN implementation in the splash backend. With it there also 
no more known problems with overprint.
2. A revision of the implementation of blend modes in the CMYK (and 
DeviceN) branch in splash.
3. A detection of unnecessary tranparency groups according note 5 of the 
PDF spec, which dramatically can speed up the rendering of several PDF, 
s. Bug 13487 (only splash!)
4. An implementation of knockout transparency groups in splash, Bug 12185
5. An optimization for image masks in pattern colorspace in splash, Bug 

Albert, I think the best way would be to deliver this in 5 patches, but 
because the changes at least share one source file, I must do it step by 
step. What order would You prefer?

> If You don't care, send it to me in private. Then I'll have a look at 
> it probably next weekend.
> Thomas
>> Thanks for all the help,
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