[poppler] Annotation bugfixes

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Apr 23 12:15:23 PDT 2012

El Dissabte, 21 d'abril de 2012, a les 21:52:36, Fabio D'Urso va escriure:
> 1) AnnotText: Always force 24x24 size with custom stamps, not only on first
> rendering
> AnnotText::draw forces the bounding rectangle to be 24x24. However, the
> overridden values are lost after the first rendering, because appearance is
> not Null any more. This leads to inconsistent rendering results. This patch
> makes the 24x24 rectangle persistent.
> 2) Do not remove appearance stream if it's shared with other annotations
> The same appearance stream can be shared by many annotations. With my
> previous code, I didn't check if a stream was shared before removing it.
> This patch implements the check by scanning all annotations in the
> document.
> I'm attaching a document with two annotations that share the same appearance
> stream. Without this patch, if you removed one, both of them disappeared
> because the stream was removed under the other annotation's foot.
> 3) Preserve z-index after annotation removal
> With my previous code, I implemented annotation removal by overriding the
> annotation to be removed with the last one. But it breaks z-order.
> This patch implements removal by shifting subsequent elements left.
> See thread "[poppler] z-order of annotation objects in PDF document".



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