[poppler] Please Help on PDF Poppler for the Given Code

Nirmit Kansal nirmit.kansal at igate.com
Wed Dec 5 01:51:56 PST 2012


Actually I am working on an application in which I need to display the headings (or say Intermediate nodes  ) of a PDF for a given no. of page.
For this I am using PDFViewer 0.6 and Poppler but I am having difficulty in how to access the only headings of a given page of PDF, so that I can directly go to this,
So please help me to solve this as if you can give an example of a scenario which is similar to my problem.

My code for searching a string is given below:

void PdfView::search(const QString &text, const FindFlags &flags)
            int page = 0,j = 0,k = 0;

            const Poppler::Page::SearchDirection searchDirection = (flags & FindBackward) ? Poppler::Page::PreviousResult : Poppler::Page::NextResult;
            const Poppler::Page::SearchMode searchMode = (flags & FindCaseSensitively) ? Poppler::Page::CaseSensitive : Poppler::Page::CaseInsensitive;

            int page_count = d->m_popplerPages.count();
            while(page < document()->numPages() - 1)
                        while(d->m_popplerPages.at(page)->search(text, d->m_findPositionLeft, d->m_findPositionTop, d->m_findPositionRight, d->m_findPositionBottom, searchDirection, searchMode))
                                    if(k == 0)
                                                page_no << page;
                        k = 0;
                        d->m_findPositionTop = d->m_findPositionBottom = -1;
                        d->m_findPositionLeft = d->m_findPositionRight = -1;

Now using these page numbers I got for my text I want to get the headings or topics names for these pages only.
So, please guide me if poppler is having functionality of getting handle to Topic or heading names of PDF Document.

Please help me as soon as possible, I shall be highly grateful to you.

Thanks and Regards,

Nirmit Kansal

Software Engineer

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