[poppler] RFC: patch: parallel testing

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at gnome.org
Thu Dec 6 09:53:04 PST 2012

Adam Reichold <adamreichold at myopera.com> writes:

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> Hello Carlos,
> Am 06.12.2012 18:11, schrieb Carlos Garcia Campos:
>> Adam Reichold <adamreichold at myopera.com> writes:
>>> Hello again,
>>> As suggested by William Bader, I added the option to use the 
>>> logical CPU count as the number of worker threads automatically.
>> Thanks for the patch, any improvement in the regression test 
>> framework is more than welcome, even more if it's to improve the 
>> performance. What poppler have you sued to create the patches?
>> They don't apply for me here using poppler from current git
>> master.
> Yes, it is about performance and I am hesitant about introducing such
> complexity into the test driver which is supposed to test the
> correctness of program itself, but faster regression testing probably
> means more regression testing... :-)
> I am not sure how to correctly format the patch. I built on the
> current master but it seems Git thinks that the lines where I just
> changed the indentation are whitespace errors. I am not sure how to
> correct this as changes in whitespace are obviously important for
> Python scripts... I'll try to research this, but any advice would be
> welcome.

There's something weird with the patch, the reindented lines inside the
with blocks don't appear as modified in the patch. By the way, why using
RLock instead of just Lock?

> Best regards, Adam.
>>> Regards, Adam.
>>> Am 04.12.2012 12:28, schrieb Adam Reichold:
>>>> Hello Thomas,
>>>> Am 04.12.2012 08:41, schrieb Thomas Freitag:
>>>>> Am 04.12.2012 07:45, schrieb Adam Reichold: Hello everyone,
>>>>> I currently try to get myself acquainted with Poppler's 
>>>>> regression testing framework. Because my system has a rather 
>>>>> low single-threaded performance, I tried to implement 
>>>>> parallel testing using Python's Queue class.
>>>>> Even though poppler-regtest currently uses two processes per 
>>>>> test file, rendering even and odd pages respectively, the 
>>>>> test files themselves are still handled sequentially and
>>>>> both process are joined for each test file. This will yield 
>>>>> suboptimal system utilization even for a small three-core 
>>>>> system like mine.
>>>>> Using the "-t/--threads N" option in the patched 
>>>>> poppler-regtest will spawn N worker threads that handle all 
>>>>> tests they can get from a single queue for all known tests, 
>>>>> allowing to heavily utilize also large system if using a 
>>>>> large set of test cases. But even for my three-core system, 
>>>>> this brought down the time to create references for the 
>>>>> complete test suite using the Splash backend from 4,5 hours 
>>>>> to 2,75 hours.
>>>>>> What do You mean with "patched poppler-regtest"? There was 
>>>>>> no attachment, or do I miss something?
>>>> No, this on the process level in the test driver and 
>>>> independent of the your multi-threading work. There was a
>>>> patch called "parallel_testing.patch" attached, as least my
>>>> mail client tells me so.
>>>> I'll just try again...
>>>> Best regards, Adam.
>>>>>> If You talk about my multi-threaded testcase, please be 
>>>>>> aware, that it is still experimental, even if quite close. 
>>>>>> Here the result of my last regression test last sunday 
>>>>>> evening:
>>>>>> Total 1133 tests 1114 tests passed (98.32%) 17 tests
>>>>>> failed (1.50%): /media/thomas/HD-PCTU3/PDF
>>>>>> Suite/Algorithmics - The Spirit of Computing, 3rd Ed.pdf
>>>>>> (splash), /media/thomas/HD-PCTU3/PDF Suite/Essentials of
>>>>>> English Grammar - www.ielts4u.blogfa.com.pdf ... 2 tests
>>>>>> crashed (0.18%): /media/thomas/HD-PCTU3/PDF
>>>>>> Suite/bug157090.pdf (splash), /media/thomas/HD-PCTU3/PDF
>>>>>> Suite/sinatr4c.f5.pdf (splash) I'll first have a look at
>>>>>> the crashes next weekend, then I'll continue with looking
>>>>>> at the failed tests....
>>>>>> Cheers, Thomas
>>>>> IMHO, the necessary changes seem quite small especially
>>>>> since a lot of them are connected to indentation handling.
>>>>> What are your thoughts on the utility and implementation of
>>>>> this?
>>>>> Best regards, Adam.
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