[poppler] Migrating poppler to liblcms2 from liblcms1

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 13:16:00 PST 2012

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I only want to say that liblcms1 is not maintained any more upstream and 
has a lot of crash bugs (possible security vulnerabilities).

The replacement is liblcms2 and to get something more reliable, 
maintained and supported, we are migrating to liblcms2 at Ubuntu:


I think this migration should also be done with Poppler upstream, as 
having a reliable crash-free Poppler is more important than being 5-10 % 
faster. Most users do not perceive if their PDF rendering takes 5-10 % 
more time, but they will perceive when less crashes happen. Also 
security fixes will get rolled out more quickly if a library is 
maintained upstream.

Also the color accuracy (and that is what Color Management is about) is 
much better with liblcms2.

So I highly recommend to pass Poppler upstream to liblcms2 (and note 
that the patch does not drop the liblcms1 support).


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