[poppler] Patch: Some documentation

cheshirekow cheshirekow at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 13:42:47 PDT 2012

As I've been trying to learn the API I've been adding doxygen style
comments my own git branch. I'm not sure if all my comments are correct
but it has helped me keep track of what I've figured out thus far, and
perhaps may be useful to others. 

I've attached a patch of my changes. I believe I've only touched comment
lines, except for one or two class member lists which were commented (I
added ///< so that doxygen picks up those comments too). 

I haven't documented a lot, just some comments here and there on some of
the main components (I think). Feel free to use or throw away, as you
please. I will likely continue to add comments until I get more
comfortable with the library, so if such contributions appear to be
useful, let me know and I will continue to submit my documentation. 


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