[poppler] Support for CJK fonts in postscript / on Windows platforms

Thomas Freitag Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de
Sat Mar 3 02:08:31 PST 2012

Am 03.03.2012 10:43, schrieb Thomas Freitag:
> Am 02.03.2012 20:14, schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
>> El Dilluns, 27 de febrer de 2012, a les 09:25:03, Thomas Freitag va 
>> escriure:
>>> Am 26.02.2012 23:04, schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
>>>> El Diumenge, 26 de febrer de 2012, a les 08:44:09, Thomas Freitag va
>> escriure:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>> Hi, it would be you really cool if you configured your Visual 
>>>> Studio with
>>>> the poppler [crazy] indentation settings, it's getting harder and 
>>>> harder
>>>> to read/diff/apply your patches :-/
>>> Sorry, I'll try. Should be only GlobalParamsWin.cc, which I edited in
>>> Visual Studio, isn't it?
>> No, the other was wrong too, poppler has a very weird indenting 
>> pattern and is
>> difficult to get right, it's basically 2 spaces for each indentation 
>> but when
>> you have 8 spaces it gets replaced with a tab character
> I hope the attached patch is better. At least it fits to the head 
> revision.
Sorry once again. Just saw that it seems to my PSPad editior, which 
inserted tabs. I try to repair it just in the diff, hopefully looks better!
So try this patch.

>>>>> I implemented a patch which supports CJK fonts in the postscript 
>>>>> output
>>>>> device and on Windows platforms in general. It consists mainly of 
>>>>> three
>>>>> parts:
>>>>> 1. Adapt bug fix for bug 11413 to the postscript device
>>>>> 2. A small bug fix when locateFont doesn't find a suitable font and
>>>>> returns a null pointer
>>>>> 3. CJK substitute implementation on WIndows platforms.
>>>>> to 1.:
>>>>> Adapting the implementation of the bug fix for splash and cairo to 
>>>>> the
>>>>> postscript device was quite easy. But my first proofs of the 
>>>>> output with
>>>>> ghostscript 8.71 shows some regressions where the CJK chars have a
>>>>> smaller height than the default square of the font. But the "48" 
>>>>> in the
>>>>> output of bug-poppler11413.pdf which is set in a "normal" font but
>>>>> rotated was at the right position. Then I stepped to ghostscript 
>>>>> 9.04,
>>>>> and now the CJK chars were shown correctly, but the 48 was positioned
>>>>> wrong. But because of these different tests I think that it is 
>>>>> still a
>>>>> problem in ghostscript when using a mix of CJK fonts and "normal" 
>>>>> fonts.
>>>>> BTW, also Acrobat X distiller has problems with the position of 
>>>>> the "48"!
>>>> I understand this applies to non-windows too, right?
>>> Yes, point 1 and 2 applies to all platforms (even if 2 probably only
>>> happens if don't using fonfconfig, so just under Windows)
>> So what's the difference i should see when running in linux? The 
>> outputted ps
>> file having a different rendering for CJK files?
> Yes. Do You haven't seen it or haven't tried it with 
> bug-poppler11413.pdf? I attach sreenshots before and after. If You 
> haven't seen any differences, is it possible that You haven't 
> installed "our" language pack, i.e. the poppler data dir isn't at the 
> correct place? Under windows I normally patch the allocation of 
> GlobalParms, i.e.
>   globalParams = new 
> GlobalParams("E:\\Downloads\\poppler\\poppler-data-0.4.5");
> under unix I link it to /usr/local/share/poppler
> Thomas
>> Albert
>>> Thomas
>>>> Albert
>>>>> to 2.:
>>>>> On my first tests with PDF which uses non embedded CJK fonts on 
>>>>> Windows
>>>>> I got crashes. Reason for it was that GlobalParamWin returns 
>>>>> Helvetica,
>>>>> which is not a CID font, but locateFont accepts here only CID 
>>>>> fonts and
>>>>> therefore returns a NULL pointer. I first fixed that and then 
>>>>> decided to
>>>>> return as default MS Mincho if a CID font is expected.
>>>>> to 3.:
>>>>> When You install ghostscript on WIndows You're able to switch on CJK
>>>>> support. This will create a  cidfmap file in the gs-lib directory. 
>>>>> The
>>>>> ps file which creates it (mkcidfm.ps) runs over the windows font
>>>>> directory and tries to create a suitable substitution table for 
>>>>> missing
>>>>> CJK fonts. The cidfmap file is more or less PDF like, so it's 
>>>>> quite easy
>>>>> to parse it with our parser and create a substitution table in
>>>>> GlobalParamsWin and use that table. But I expect it in the poppler 
>>>>> data
>>>>> dir instead of searching for ghostscript installation. If it is not
>>>>> there, it always returns the default CID font of point 2.
>>>>> You can either copy it from the gs lib directory or create it with 
>>>>> the
>>>>> ghostscript tool calling
>>>>> gswin32c -q -dBATCH -sFONTDIR=<windows font directory>
>>>>> -sCIDFMAP=<popper data dir>/cidfmap mkcidfm.ps
>>>>> To clearify the format of cidfmap I attach the file produced on my
>>>>> installation. Keep care: I have not a default windows installation 
>>>>> with
>>>>> windows on c:/windows, my windows installation is on drive f!
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Thomas
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