[poppler] About CairoOutputDev

王璐 coolwanglu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 04:45:52 PDT 2012

Hello guys,

  I'm working on a project called pdf2htmlEX (
  Comparing with pdftohtml in poppler, there's lots of work on font
extraction/conversion/reencoding with Fontforge.

  Currently all non-text objects are rendered as png images throught
SplashOutputDev, but I found that svg might be better.
  I'm considering using CairoOutputDev, but it's hidden, even with
--enable-xpdf-headers, I wonder why.

  I need to derived a class, that renders everything except for text. I'll
need to hack more in the furture.

  Do you suggest me to create a patch for exposing CairoOutputDev, or just
grab out the necessary files I need.
  I'd prefer the former, what do you think?


  - Lu
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