[poppler] Annotation interoperability

Fabio D'Urso fabiodurso at hotmail.it
Wed Oct 3 16:00:29 PDT 2012

On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 11:15:29 AM Adam Reichold wrote:
> Hello again,

> This sort of resolved itself after some more fiddling around: The
> problem was that Okular crops a text annotation boundary to
> 24x24 at 72dpi from the top left corner whereas Poppler crops it from the
> bottom left corner. Hence you had to click into "empty space" to
> activate it...


> Maybe it is sensible to enforce one way of cropping in the Qt4
> frontend of Poppler? Not sure about this though.

It seems to me that it's poppler rendering it incorrectly:

1) The attached document is rendered in a completely different way 
than in acroread: we show the icon bottom-left, acroread shows it top-left.

2) Also, in acroread the icon always has the same size, while in poppler it 
scales according to the current zoom level.

I guess fixing #1 should be fairly straightforward and I'll work on it 
tomorrow, about #2 there's some extra work to do.

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