[poppler] Poppler glibmm bindings

Glenn Rice glennricster at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 06:17:44 PDT 2012

I have created a library that wraps the poppler-glib library using glibmm/gtkmm's 
gmmproc.  I don't know if you are interested in this.  I am not sure where to make this 
available to the public.  It would be somewhat nice to have it at freedesktop.org so that 
it is together with poppler.  If you are interested it could even be integrated in with 
the rest of poppler.  I would even be willing to pass the code off to you.  I did this for 
purely educational purposes of my own.  Although it would be nice to share the result.

If you are not interested I will probably make it available via SourceForge.  If you would 
like to take a look at what I have that would be great too.

Glenn Rice

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