[poppler] [PATCHES] Support for the NoRotate annotation flag

Adam Reichold adamreichold at myopera.com
Tue Apr 16 11:17:16 PDT 2013

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Hello Fabio,

Am 16.04.2013 19:50, schrieb Fabio D'Urso:
> FabioOn Sunday, April 07, 2013 08:10:32 PM  D'Urso wrote:
>> Modified patches attached. They are not final yet: I still have
>> to update the documentation in the second-to-last patch.
> Final patches attached. Adam, can you have a look at 0006 and check
> if the documentation on FixedRotation is clear enough?

First of all, sorry for not posting anything on the rendering API yet,
despite your previous patch set. I hope to get something done on the

I had a look at patch #6 and I think the documentation is rather helpful.

One thing I noticed in patch #5 is that you could maybe reuse MTX in
fillTransformationMTX, i.e. always call "fillNormalizationMTX( MTX,
pageRotate );" first and modify MTX using the QTransform if necessary
instead of first creating MTXnorm on the stack.

Best regards, Adam.

> Differences from initial patches:
> 0001 (core: Support for rendering annotations with flagNoRotate) 
> The counter-rotation now does *not* depend on the rendering
> context. NoRotate annotations are always positioned as if rendering
> rotation was zero.
> 0002 (poppler_qt4viewer: Add combobox to select rotation) and 0003
> (pdftops: Added "-rasterize" flag to force rasterization) These two
> patches have not changed. I had posted them because they were 
> useful to test context-dependent rotations, but I've removed such 
> rotations, therefore feel free to drop them if you wish.
> 0004 (core: Remove geometry-related arguments from annotation 
> constructors) and 0005 (qt4: FixedRotation annotations' coordinate 
> conversion) No changes
> 0006 (qt4: Some documentation about annotations) I've partly
> rewritten the doc section about FixedRotation annotations
> 0007 (qt4: Free some temporary memory in 
> TextAnnotationPrivate::createNativeAnnot) No changes
> Fabio
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