[poppler] Kickstarter campaign for annotation support in evince and poppler-glib

Martin Spacek gmane at mspacek.mm.st
Sat Aug 3 12:47:36 PDT 2013

> Have you tried Okular? It does some/most of the annotation things you mention
> in its latest versions if paired with a new enough poppler.
> Cheers,
>    Albert

Hi Albert,

I gave Okular a try for the first time in a while a couple of days ago (booted 
up Kubuntu 13.10 alpha 2 off of USB). It renders very quickly, faster than it 
used to, and yes, it supports all (or most?) annotation types.

I find it strange however that the annotation tools have their own special type 
of toolbar which docks only at the centers of edges of the application, and 
which sticks out from the inside edge of the application. Also, it seems some 
annotation properties are not editable, such as the border color/thickness of 
inline text annots, as well as their position. Finally, Okular, like Evince, has 
the same strange unintuitive (in my view) behaviour of forcing the user to save 
to a new PDF, instead of just overwriting the existing one.

I run Xfce (Xubuntu), so I'm partial to Gnome apps over KDE apps, and installing 
Okular requires installing several other KDE dependencies. Finally, my 
understanding is that Evince is more widely used, as it's the default PDF reader 
for a number of the most popular Linux distributions. So, if I can find a dev or 
devs that would be willing to work on annotation bounties, I'd prefer them to be 
focused on evince.


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