[poppler] Question about Development - also a Thank You.

Nick Ruffilo nick at aerbook.com
Tue Aug 6 13:53:28 PDT 2013

Dear Poppler List,

First off - thank you for your wonderful set of tools.  I'm currently using PDFtoHTML for an ebook creation platform I've created as a way for publishers to upload PDFs and import them into our system. It has worked wonders but there are a few development items that we would love to have prioritized.  We are happy to pay for such development.  My question to the people on this list are:

1) Do you do "work for hire" (the bug fixes/new development can go back into the project, and do not need to be exclusive)
2) Do you have a per/hour rate?

Again, thank you for all your efforts so far.

-Nick Ruffilo

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