[poppler] Pdf to jpge, no major varsion change

Paweł Leń pawel.len at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 01:22:13 PST 2013


I have problem with poppler library. Becouse of update peppler-utilt to
0.24.4 my whole project is not working. When I import my pdf files i need
to convert them into jpeg files (security reason). I think You already know
what happend :) Pdftoppn -jpeg option is missing. For now I am using
pdftocairo - jpeg in verion 0.20.4. Is this option is still available i new
version. Please don't remove all options to convert pdf to jpeg it is
really important to me. I can't preform 2-pass conversion form pdf to ppm
and than from ppm to jpg, I am importing about 1000000 pdf files
(performance reason)
Please write me back what is the best way and how to convert pdf to images
in future releases of poppler-utils.

Best Regards.


*Paweł Leń*
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