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Mihai Niculescu q.quark at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 14:39:26 PDT 2013

On 06/10/2013 09:13 PM, Mihai Niculescu wrote:
> On 06/10/2013 08:32 PM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>> El Dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013, a les 09:41:41, Mihai Niculescu va 
>> escriure:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am working on Arthur backend and did some changes for the backend not
>>> to use Splash, but only Qt and QPainter.
>>> Right now, the backend can render very good PDF files with the 
>>> exceptions:
>>> - does not render non-latin characters
>>> - does not render multiple resolutions
>> BTW, are you aware we are releasing a new verison really soon and 
>> that if you
>> want your changes in you should send your patches *now*?
>> Cheers,
>>    Albert
> Hi,
> I didnt use git, so I must get the trunk from git, apply the 
> modifications and create the patch and later I'll send you the patch. 
> I hope it is not too late.
> Cheers,
> Mihai

I attached the patch file. This patch removes any code in Arthur's dev 
that is dependent on Splash. It also sets a transparent background for 
the page - this feature is what I need a lot. A user can set manually 
the background color by himself in a QWidget/QImage. Maybe a better 
approach is to set it to the color of the document. I'll look into this 
in the future.

As mentioned above, my tests showed that it can not display non-latin 
chars and also it displays only at a single resolution.


>>> These are the only problems I found. Are you interested in these 
>>> changes
>>> and how can I add these to git repo?
>>> Also, I am thinking of modifying the wrapper to also support Qt5 but I
>>> dont know how to  modify the build system (configure, makefiles) to
>>> search for Qt5/Qt4, set libraries and moc accordingly and to set a
>>> global variable to use it in the code in order to know which code to 
>>> enable:
>>> #ifdef QT5_VERSION
>>> or something like this. If someone can help me with this, than I'll 
>>> make
>>> poppler-qt4 support even Qt5.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mihai
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