[poppler] poppler 0.29 pdftoppm much slower than poppler 0.20 ?

Anthony Wesley awesley at smartnetworks.com.au
Sat Dec 27 21:55:27 PST 2014

I downloaded and compiled poppler-0.28.0, and the pdftoppm speed is fine in that version, the same as in the old version I've been using - 0.20.5.

It seems that some change between 0.28.0 and 0.29.0 is causing a 6x slowdown in pdftoppm, at least in the test cases I'm using...

regards, Anthony

On 12/27/2014 04:24 PM, Anthony Wesley wrote:
> Hi, I'm upgrading my copy of poppler for the first time in a while, I've been using 0.20.5 but now I've downloaded 0.29.0 and I'm finding
> that pdftoppm is *much* slower under the new version, maybe 5x or 6x slower.
> Is this already known, and for a good reason? Sorry if this is already understood.
> I'm using a recent centos 6, 64 bit linux and the following configure command:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-libjpeg --disable-libopenjpeg
> forcing poppler to use the builtin jpeg library. This is the same config as for the old version I have (0.20.5).
> regards, Anthony

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