[poppler] Rendering problem with poppler?

Ron ronleapyearboy at yahoo.com
Mon May 4 18:30:48 PDT 2015

on centos i install yum install -y gdk-pixbuf2 gdk-pixbuf2-devel \
                          gtk2 gtk2-devel \
                          gtk3 gtk3-devel  \
                          libjpeg      \
                          atk atk-devel    \
                          cairo cairo-devel \
                          cairo-gobject cairo-gobject-devel \
                          pango pango-devel \
                          poppler poppler-glib  poppler-glib-devel \
                          gobject-introspection gobject-introspection-devel 

     On Sunday, May 3, 2015 12:12 PM, William Bader <williambader at hotmail.com> wrote:

 <!--#yiv1812083718 .yiv1812083718hmmessage P{margin:0px;padding:0px;}#yiv1812083718 body.yiv1812083718hmmessage{font-size:12pt;font-family:Calibri;}-->I tested on Fedora 20.  The problem shows in Fedora's 0.24.3 but not in 0.29.0 built from source, so it has been fixed in poppler.

pdftocairo complains 40 times "Syntax Warning: font matrix not invertible". The file might have second copy of the text at 0-size to guide applications that search for text.


ghostscript pdf2ps reports
   **** Warning: Invalid 0.0 font scale given for Tf ****
   **** Warning: /BBox has zero width or height, which is not allowed.
   **** Warning: Invalid 0.0 font scale given for Tf ****

   **** Warning: Invalid 0.0 font scale given for Tf ****
   **** This file had errors that were repaired or ignored.
   **** The file was produced by: 
   **** >>>> DynamicPDF for .NET v6.0.0.20 (Build 15526) <<<<
   **** Please notify the author of the software that produced this
   **** file that it does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
   **** specification.

From: stephane.blondon at gmail.com
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 22:30:06 +0200
To: poppler at lists.freedesktop.org
Subject: [poppler] Rendering problem with poppler?

I got a problem for rendering in pdf boarding pass provided by
easyjet. Some text is displayed but it should not be displayed... I
suppose it is displayed two times (one time at the right place and a
second one, all letters at the same place).
Evince (3.14.1) show this bas rendering.
poppler installed on system:
poppler-data : 0.4.7-1
libpoppler-glib8 0.26.5-2
libpoppler46 0.26.5-2
It works correctly with xpdf (version 3.03).
It works correctly with the pdf rendering engine written in javascript
of Firefox (31.6.0).
I get the same rendering problem when I do:
pdftocairo -png -cropbox -r 72 BoardingPass.pdf
It works with:
pdftoppm -png -cropbox -r 72 BoardingPass.pdf > BoardingPass_pdf_to_ppm.png
So I'm not sure it's the same problem as
In attachment, the pdf who doesn't work sometimes and the rendering
generated by pdftocairo and pdftoppm.
- Is it the right place to talk about this problem?
- If yes, do you want I create a bug report ?
- If no, where should I report it ?
I didn't subscribe to the mailing list so please keep me in cc.

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