[poppler] Printing of certain PDF files does not work with "fit-to-page" because of wrong BoundingBox values in the PostScript

Martin Pahl Bugzilla at pahlx.de
Thu May 7 00:34:09 PDT 2015


I sent patches to fix the bug:


Those patches were automatically sent to poppler-bugs mailing list. But as I 
see no reaction to my patch submission (poppler-bugs seems to be a mailinglist 
without human interaction)  I just want to ask, what is the right way to 
submit patches. 

By the way this bug is really annoying as it makes all PDF viewers using 
poppler useless for printing documents that do not have the page size of the 
output device (e.g. printer). On the other hand acroread is not an alternative 
anymore as Adobe has discontinued support for Linux.


Martin Pahl


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