[poppler] RFC: Dropping autotools

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Aug 17 22:13:44 UTC 2017

Ok, this is going to be controversial (or maybe not).

I'd like to drop autotools and just use cmake as build system.

 * I don't use autotools so whenever something new happens i regularly forget 
to try it works there (as proven last time with the nss includes)
 * cmake is more portable (i.e. doesn't uses shell scripts)
 * cmake gets releases more often
 * cmake code is easier to read (for me)
 * AFAICS Not even gnome (which was the "last" big autotools user) plans to 
use autotools anymore

Only issues:
 * We don't have gtk-doc support
 * We don't have make dist-xz support (which i use for releases)

But i'm sure both should be fairly easy to add, just never cared to do it 
since the only times i use them are for releases.



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