[poppler] 2 uid/gid in source tarball since 0.60.0.

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Thu Dec 28 00:51:33 UTC 2017

Dear Albert,

Thank you for comment!

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dimecres, 27 de desembre de 2017, a les 13:47:02 CET, suzuki toshiya va 
> escriure:
>> 1) git-archive should be improved.
> Probably, but out of scope, i'd say :D

Indeed. "always root:root" looks too restricted and generic issue
for me. I've already written an initial patch adding GNU-tar-like


but it seems that more works (e.g. feature testing script)
are needed to propose something to git maintainers.

>> 2) CMakeLists.txt should be improved to harmonize owner/group
>> between the initial part and appendix, by using GNU tar
>> specific option.
> If you're bored enough to propose a patch, sure.

Also I've written a trivial patch for this, and just filed it
to bugzilla.


As I commented in the file, if poppler maintainers want to
decide after seeing how git maintainers deal with this, please
do so. I think this issue is not urgent, except of the people
developing the softwares on Unix with root account.

>> 3) Just keep as it is now, but the availability of GNU tar
>> should be checked, to avoid unexpected error by non-GNU tar.
> Well, i'm actually the only one "real" user of that, so it's fine for me if it 
> only works on gnu tar. If someone else ever wants to take over releasing and 
> they don't use gnu tar they can always try to improve it.

Sounds reasonable. Maybe easiest and most portable way would be
the extraction of the archive by git once, and add something,
and repack it. But doing such before any requests would be overkill.


> Cheers,
>   Albert
>> 4) CMakeLists.txt should be improved to work with other
>> variants of tar. It is important that owner/group issue.
>> Regards,
>> mpsuzuki
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