[poppler] Poppler 0.61.1 released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Nov 12 18:53:07 UTC 2017

Available from

Changes against 0.61.0 include:
 * CairoOutputDev: don't overflow y * stride when accessing image data

 * Fix for corrupted image files on Windows. Bug #102494

build system:
 * Fix incorrect paths in .pc files. Bug #103578
 * add the custom buildtests target only once. Bug #103003

This release was brought to you by Adam Sampson, Adrian Johnson, Albert Astals 
Cid, Jeroen Ooms and Roland Hieber

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.

P.S: I know there's some patches waiting for review but this really needed a 
release since it broke the .pc files.


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