[poppler] Patch in progress - looking for annotation related unit test data

Tobias Deiminger haxtibal at posteo.de
Fri Feb 16 14:56:23 UTC 2018

Hi Leonard!

> Are you talking about rendering them according to the spec or something 
> else?
I'm talking about rendering them according to spec, but "standalone". So 
far Poppler can only render page-wise, it has no API to render a 
specific annotation of interest. That's what I'm trying to add. Afaik 
that's not in conflict with the spec, is it?

> ISO 32000 is very clear that an annotation is rendered by simply
> drawing the relevant appearance stream.  As such, there isn't much to
> test.
Poppler dynamically generates appearance streams for annotations that 
don't have an embedded appearance. That's not a trivial task, so IMHO 
unit tests wouldn't hurt there too. But that's not my main concern. I'm 
mostly reusing existing poppler code wrt this and trust the guys who did 

I'd like to test my new feature, like "does the annotation exactly fit 
into the generated QImage?", "does it have the correct resolution?", 
"does it use the correct rendering settings (acc. to the document 
hints)?", "does it segfault?", and so on.

> Or are you doing something else?
I'll send you a preview of the patch, then you'll know what it's about.


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