[poppler] pls point me to correct list... linux/fedora 27 can not print this pdf

William Bader williambader at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 01:29:24 UTC 2018

Fedora uses CUPS for printing, so you should probably post it as a Fedora issue at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/ You should also post the actual PDF (the linked document looks like a temporary transition page), the type of printer, and any relevant system messages (probably near the end of /var/log/messages). I think that CUPS uses poppler pdftops to convert the PDF to PS, and then ghostscript to rasterize the PS, but it depends on what you selected when you added the printer to CUPS.

Regards, William

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Why can't I print this in linux/fedora 27:

2017 Form 1-ES, Wisconsin Estimated Income Tax Voucher<https://www.revenue.wi.gov/TaxForms2017through2019/2017-Form1-ES-fill.pdf>
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I probably have the wrong group, can you send me to a more appropriate

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