[poppler] poppler-splash and poppler-cairo modules

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Sun Jan 28 09:30:46 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I wish if I'm not misunderstanding the situation of poppler-splash
and poppler-cairo modules.

By Albert's review to my patch restoring xxx-uninstalled.pc files,
I found some discussion is needed for poppler-splash and poppler-cairo

At present, normal installation of poppler installs poppler.pc,
poppler-cpp.pc, poppler-glib.pc, poppler-qt5.pc. These modules are
related with libpoppler, libpoppler-cpp, libpoppler-glib,
libpoppler-qt5. This is easy to understand.

The normal installation also installs poppler-splash.pc and
poppler-cairo.pc. This is not so easy to understand, because normal
installation does not install libsplash or libpoppler-cairo.

Autotool building systems had once built libsplash.la and
libpoppler-cairo.la for internal usage (e.g. libpoppler used
libsplash, libpoppler-glib & pdftocairo used libpoppler-cairo).
Even if they are built, they are never installed.

I'm not familiar with the historical change of cmake building
system in poppler, but at present, libsplash and libpoppler-cairo
are never built by cmake.

In my understanding, most Linux distributions have no packages
including libpoppler-cairo and libsplash. But, most libpoppler-dev
packages have poppler-cairo.pc and poppler-splash.pc.
Also, the "private headers package" provide the headers installed
by --enable-xpdf-headers; it includes libsplash headers, but
nothing for libpoppler-cairo.

Except of the cases that the developers have building tree of the
poppler, I'm afraid that they have been non-working status,
because no packages provided the corresponding libraries (and no
headers for libpoppler-cairo). I will dig the history around 2005
when these pc files were incorporated into the official trunk, but
I want to hear the maintainers feeling how to resolve it.

If non-working situation is longer than 5 years, removal of
poppler-splash.pc and poppler-cairo.pc would be the solution?
Or, should we have some switch to build libsplash and


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