[poppler] Poppler 22.04.0 released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Apr 1 13:27:23 UTC 2022

Available from

The tarball is signed at http://poppler.freedesktop.org/poppler-22.04.0.tar.xz.sig with my key

Release 22.04.0:
 * Fix underline sometimes being drawn only partially
 * Fix Adobe Reader not reading some of the contents we write correctly
 * Fix code that workarounds some broken-ish files
 * FoFiTrueType: Parse CFF2 fonts too
 * FoFiTrueType: Support cmap types 2 and 13
 * Fix a few small memory leaks
 * code improvements

 * Handle SaveAs named action
 * Annotations: don't change the text color when changing the font

 * pdftotext: print creation and modification date when using htmlmeta param

 * Fix returning internal data of temporary strings

 * Fix code incompatibility with MSVC

build system:
 * poppler internal library is no longer forced to static on MSVC
 * Error out if iconv is not available and the cpp frontend is enabled
 * Require FreeType 2.8

This release was brought to you by ANaumann85, Albert Astals Cid, Christian Persch, Even Rouault, Oliver Sander, Zachary Travis, kVdNi and everyone else that filed bugs or helped with code reviews :)

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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