[Portland] xdg-menu copies .desktop file

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Thu Apr 6 09:50:21 EEST 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 06:45, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 4/5/06, Bastian, Waldo <waldo.bastian at intel.com> wrote:

 Actually, thinking of it, IMHO this should rather be explicitly said in the 
basedir spec, as it doesn't say anything about (not) extending the list of 
dirs. The thread on xdg@ died out without any clear conclusion (besides few 
people agreeing with my proposal).

> > Con:
> > * More difficult to explain that the .desktop file should still be
> > installed somewhere else 

 "xdg-menu --install by default only creates a symlink to the given .desktop 
file (in order to make uninstall of packages in a separate prefix simpler), 
so the .desktop file needs to be located somewhere with the application's 
data. If you really want to install (copy) the .desktop file itself, also 
specific --copy."


 "If you want to install your whole package in a separate prefix, you can also 
specify --link to xdg-menu, which will only create a symlink to the 
given .desktop file. This allows keeping the .desktop file also in the 
separate prefix for simpler uninstall."

> > * If you remove the application the way that you installed it, it will
> > call xdg-menu --uninstall to remove the menu-item

 This says "if". Moreover I'd bet there are many ... uhm ... simplistic 

> I think that's the key point here.  Any reasonable app will be
> packaged as an rpm/deb, or have an uninstaller that also removes
> the menu item.  Thus the menu item will already
> get removed when it should; we don't need another
> mechanism to handle that.

 What's the point of having xdg-menu at all then?

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