[Portland] xdg-util feedback

Benjamin Meyer bmeyer at trolltech.com
Thu Apr 6 12:10:41 EEST 2006

In the event that the current desktop environment isn't detectable what do you 
thing of falling back to firefox, mozilla, and then netscape?  This should be 
able to catch a lot of cases especially on older systems.  This would also 
work for xdg-open sense netscape has its own mime system to open files that 
are not for the web browser.

Also you can detect if CDE is running with something like this:
xprop -root | grep DTWM_IS_RUNNING

Also when opening a file in KDE you want to use kfmclient exec and when 
opening a URL you want to use kfmclient openURL.  This is for cases such as a 
pdf file where you want the web browser to open it or any mime type that the 
browser isn't the primary (say if html was assigned to a editor and not 

-Benjamin Meyer

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