[Portland] RE: alternative to X-KDE-SubstituteUID for non KDE desktops

Fathi Boudra fboudra at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 17:30:53 EEST 2006

After some investigation, i found this thread "Mini-proposal for
Elevated User Privileges in menu-spec":

I asked on the list how to avoid gksu dependency for a KDE apps :
* if i need to provide a specific desktop file for each desktops ?
* Is there a common way to elevate user privilege ?

Waldo Bastian replied :
> The Portland project has proposed a "xdg-su" command that could be used
> to prompt the user for elevated privileges. There seems to be some
> objection to that approach though so it's probably a good idea if you
> subscribe to the portland mailinglist and join the discussion there, in
> particular it would help if you can present actual use cases that
> require this functionality. 

i looked at the script, it's a wrapper around gnomesu/kdesu, detecting the 
desktop environment (gnome/kde) :

So the main idea is to use xdg-su (depends on a possible xdg-utils package ?) 
in the desktop file then recommends kdebase-bin | libgnomesu0 (instead of 
recommends kdebase-bin only ATM).



* i skipped xsu and the generic part that doesn't exist on debian.
* xdg-utils is a technology preview and doesn't exist on debian.
* CC'ed to bugs.debian.org to keep track of the discussions ;)

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