[Portland] xdg-utils proof of concept

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Apr 25 00:39:34 EEST 2006

> What do you think of this approach?  The attached patch adds a 'make
> test' target to the makefile system, and I stubbed out a couple simple
> tests for two of the commands.  If this approach looks ok, I can go
> ahead and flesh these tests further and add tests for the other
> commands.  It's nothing fancy, but may be sufficient for just getting
> some limited testing in place.  I'm not sure about stuff that requires
> user interaction, though, but imagine there are ways to automate even
> that... 
> Anyway, if this patch looks ok I can commit it.

Hey Bryce,

I was toying with the idea of working up my new third party
software - WinBig (TM) - entirely as an exercise in testing

My thought was to have a process that was fairly heavy on user
interaction, as that struck me as necessary.  (e.g. Did the menu
show up?  Did the right app open blat.mime?)

But then I recalled that you'd started down that road, and
I didn't want to duplicate effort.  I took a quick glance,
and didn't see 'make test' in the current tip; have you had any further
thoughts with this?



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