[Portland] xdg-utils: common return values [CORRECT PATCH]

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sun Apr 30 01:07:17 EEST 2006

> I like this idea but I'd rather have it in a different file so we can keep 
> xdg-utils-common.in as a build time file which includes things we want to be 
> part of every script but not necessarily installed separately.
> Hmm, it would be interesting to know if it would be possible to source such an 
> extra file in the scripts themselves, so if somebody edits the file all 
> scripts use the new values as well.

Okay, here is another approach.  This one has every script
doing a 'source xdg-includes' (via xdg-utils-common.in).

I'm not entirely thrilled with it; it feels like a lot
of duplication for what could be argued is a semantic nicety.
It also creates the requirement that xdg-includes be
in the path, or in the exact same directory as any given xdg-xxx script
(previously, each xdg-xxx script was fully standalone).

But I have a hunch that we'll want something like this
for the long term, so, on balance, I think it's worth it.



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