[Portland] PortlandVFSProposal

Dmitry M. Shatrov erdizz at mail.ru
Sun Jan 8 17:31:41 EET 2006

В Вск, 08/01/2006 в 13:41 +0100, Martin Konold пишет:
> Am Sonntag, 8. Januar 2006 01:33 schrieb Dmitry M. Shatrov:
> > 1. Let's take multithreading as a right solution
> > 5. CONCLUSION from (1): any application working with files should be
> > multithreaded
> KDE uses out-of-process kioslaves for many years successfully. Why should this 
> be changed?

KIO is an example of a careful multithreaded design. But kioslaves like
'smb' could be substituted with a generic local file system (file://)
kioslave operating with FUSE-mounted directories. If we do not want to
implement a network protocol for KIO and FUSE separately than FUSE
implementation is preferable because it also allows non-KIO applications
to operate over the network and no rewrite is required.

Wbr, Dmitry

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